Our founders, Paul Foley and Dustin Liebman, created Bulk Exchange to make it easier for contractors and suppliers to connect, and to bring the bulk materials industry into the future.
Deep industry roots, professional respect, and a strong friendship serve as the foundation thatBulk Exchange is built on.


In 2011, Paul and Dustin met and developed a close friendship, which was further solidified by their mutual respect, professional synergy, and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Born the son of an excavation contractor on a small farm in the west of Ireland, Paul was truly raised in the industry. After graduating with his degree in Construction Management and Building Economics, he worked his way through Europe, Australia, and eventually the United States, finally landing in Northern California.

Dustin was born and raised in New York and started working in excavation and construction as a teenager. He proceeded to develop a career on the supplier side of the business. After moving to California, he spent over 20 years supporting contractors and helping to develop business solutions to help their organizations thrive.

Since our founding in the summer of 2020, Bulk Exchange has built powerful, innovative tools, like our industry-specific search engine and marketplace. Effectively and efficiently connecting supply and demand in the bulk materials industry for the first time.

Bulk Exchange is the product of our founders, our team, and most importantly, our customers. Decades of experience and thousands of hours have been spent collaborating with industry professionals resulting in the first offering of its kind.

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